The True Gods

It is often said that beginnings are irrelevant. This is arguably the case amongst the realm proper as well. For as the universe was sparked by Incipit, so to was it abandoned by it. Its whereabouts are unknown to all but the most ancient and wise of beings. Incipit left behind a number of offspring that make up the Pantheon.

The oldest of Incipit’s children. Destinare guides and weaves the realm for a purpose so great that not even he knows. He may sometimes take the form of an ancient blind man who casts no shadow, clad in thick robes mumbling the fates of the mortals he’s near in a futile attempt to ease the infinite stream of knowledge that will flow into his mind until the end of all things, and perhaps beyond that.

The god of all life and creation, and the second of Incipit’s children. A great blithering cancerous growth that marks itself upon the whole of living creation. Consanguin is responsible for the creation of all of life throughout the cosmos, it is a blind idiot god that can be considered more of a force of nature than anything approaching a a sapient god, although if one were to provide it with focus one could shape and change all life as it is known.


Descendants Malic